Wealthfront Alternative – Public Features vs. Wealthfront Features

When you switch to Public from Wealthfront, you’re ditching algorithms in favor of a community-based platform giving you the power over your investments that you need to create your own prosperity. With Public, you can choose to invest in the stocks and ETFs from the brands that you believe in. All commission-free. Opening a Public account is free and investing in the public markets is, too. Our ultimate mission is to make the world of investing more affordable for everyone.

Sliced shares for all

Whenever you buy and sell shares of a company on Public’s app, you’re purchasing what we call sliced shares. It’s a way to engage with the stock market through fractional trading, also known as buying small, affordable chunks of shares in companies that would otherwise be unattainable. It’s part of how we make investing more accessible and give you greater control over your portfolio, no matter how much money you have to invest.

Fractional trading-
Real-time settling of investments-
Real, registered brokerage
Free service, no subscription-
Invest in U.S. stocks with no account minimums-
Invest in U.S. ETFs
Automatic dividend reinvestment-
See what brands a company owns-
Search stock by brands the company owns-
Discover companies based on themes
See other people's trades-
Comment on other people's investments-
iOS app
Android app
In-app live chat support-

No hidden account minimums

Another way we make investing affordable for everyone is by removing account minimums for all of our services. Investing shouldn’t be prohibitive. That means access to the Public platform is completely free. Unlike other investment apps that require $500 account minimums or charge yearly fees, Public is free for all members. You only spend the money that you invest in the companies that you choose. See for yourself by downloading the app for Apple or Android.

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Total portfolio control

Everyone on the Public app has complete and total control over their investment portfolio. There are no robots selecting your investments or controlling your account. You make your own decisions and invest your money the way you see fit. Total control over your portfolio means you know exactly what companies your money is supporting, giving you the peace of mind that you’re only investing in the companies that support your values.

Browse stocks by themes

We make it easy to learn more about the companies that you add to your portfolio. We organize curated themes of stocks that align with the way you actually experience companies in everyday life. Interested in companies that actively support green practices? Check out our Clean and Green category. We also offer themes like SaaS-y and Tech Giants for those who want to invest in the software and technology industries. There’s even a theme for brands that are new to the stock market that we like to call New Kids on the Block. With Public, there’s a theme for all your investment interests.

Automatic dividend reinvestment

Helping your money grow also means streamlining your investment options. We allow investors to control what happens to the dividends they make. If you choose, you can select the number of additional shares you want to reinvest whenever you get paid out from the companies that are already earning dividends. The automatic dividend reinvestment feature helps take the time out of reinvesting your dividends while getting the peace of mind that you’re still in control of your portfolio.

A community of investors

We are all about facilitating the free exchange of ideas. Your Public account connects you with an entire community of investors looking to increase their prosperity just like you. Follow like-minded investors, see the companies they’re buying and selling shares in and leave comments on their activity. We make it easy to trade ideas while you decide where to invest your money. It’s one of our favorite ways that we make investing more accessible.

Responsive support team

Public members mean more to us than the numbers on our quality assurance reports. Your needs come first, and our metrics come second. Chatting with our members to solve problems or provide insight into our platform and user accounts is what we love.

Insured investments

One of our goals at Public is to create confident, empowered investors who make their own decisions with their portfolio. Part of being confident means trusting that your investments are backed by valuable insurance you can depend on. All Public securities accounts are automatically insured by SIPC for up to $500,000, with up to $250,000 for cash. The Securities Investor Protection Corporation is a well-reputed nonprofit, and we’re proud to be a member extending coverage to all of our users. To learn more, visit www.sipc.org.

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