SoFi Alternative – Public Features vs. SoFi Features

When you switch to Public from SoFi, you’ll experience a streamlined app that allows you to buy and sell 3,000+ stocks and ETFs fractionally, commission-free in real time. All of the features that come with the Public app are in one, convenient location. There are no accounts to sync, services to add or tiered features to limit how you invest. Better yet? Public opens the door to a community-driven investment platform that allows you to freely exchange ideas with fellow investors right inside the app itself.

Investment opportunities for all

Public is a platform that’s designed for all. From the newest investor to the public market expert, we provide a level playing field for investors of all income levels to engage with the market and grow their wealth opportunities. That’s why Public allows everyone to buy slices of shares. It’s called fractional trading, and 3,000 stocks and ETFs on our platform are eligible for investors to buy in sliced form.

Fractional stocks & EFTs availble3,000+~150
Real-time settling of investments-
Real, registered brokerage
Free service, no subscription
Invest in U.S. stocks
Invest in U.S. ETFs
Automatic dividend reinvestment
See what brands a company owns-
Search stock by brands the company owns-
Discover companies based on themes
See other people's trades
Comment on other people's investments
iOS app
Android app
In-app live chat support

No tiered plans

At Public, all accounts are created equally. We believe all of our members should have the same opportunities to invest, connect, and grow their financial wellbeing. That’s why Public is free of tiered membership plans and plan packages with exclusive features. You’ll never hit a wall in your investment journey that requires you to pay a fee for extra services. All the services you need to make informed investment decisions are already accessible in the Public app.

Public Com Homescreen 1

No account minimums

Put simply, there are no account minimums. All Public accounts are completely free for members to buy sliced shares and own parts of the companies that drive the public markets. You’re free to buy and sell sliced shares of stocks and ETFs at whatever rate works for you. There’s also no minimum required balance for things like earning interest. You can see for yourself by creating an account for Apple or Android at any time.

Follow themes

We think you should have the power to choose the companies you invest in without any barriers. We also think you should be empowered to craft an investment portfolio that reflects your values and areas of interest. No matter what they might be. That’s why we’ve organized companies into curated themes. Our members can browse organized themes like The Crypto Revolution, For the Win! (gaming and eSports), Women in Charge, Growing Diversity. We’ve even got categories for SPACs, health and wellness, and SaaS companies.

Automatically reinvest dividends

We are all about letting our investors make their own informed decisions. We’re perfectly fine with you telling us how you want your money to be invested. With our automatic dividend reinvestment feature, you can do just that. If you choose, you can dictate which companies to reinvest your dividends into automatically. Invest all dividends, none or just a bit to increase the value of your portfolio and grow your financial future.

Connect with a community

Public is the original investing social network, which means that we have built a transparent community of investors right in the app. The best part? Access to the community of investors is free for all Public members no matter their investment experience. You can interact with a community of your peers by commenting on their investments, asking questions and sharing ideas. You can even see the investments your fellow investors make in real-time. Of course, if you want to keep your investment activity private, we allow for that, too.

Live chat support

True customer service involves being available in whatever format our members prefer. At Public, we offer in-app chat support with real people who are fully licensed to resolve your questions. We don’t believe that chatbots or support tickets can offer the human connection that’s so important to us. When you reach out via our in-app chat function, you receive the same level of customer service as you would through a phone call or even a face-to-face experience.

Investments backed by SIPC

At Public, all of your investments are important. We want you to feel safe in the knowledge that your money is protected in the instance that something goes wrong. That’s why all investments on Public securities accounts are automatically insured for up to $500,000 ($250,000 for cash in accounts) by SIPC. We’re proud to be a Securities Investor Protection Corporation member. Learn more at

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